Cozy Cottage & Simple Living

Cozy Cottage & Simple Living
We live in a 900 Sq.Ft. Cottage. One must be creative with storage, children's toys, and homeschooling. We live in the "Arrowhead of Minnesota" Sit a spell, kick your shoes off, and peek into our simple lives.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catching up over the fall and winter.........

This blog is a "Catch Up", I kinda forgot about my blogging duties during the long winter! So now I decided to just do a whole mess of photos to show you what our simple life has been like over the long winter. So get some hot tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy reading about our simple lives over the long winter!

Our little Eliza Jane is growing up fast! Here are a few photos during our long winter.

Here's Happy Maria!

Cold Lake Superior!

The Harbor at Lake Superior

Our Lovely dog, Annabell!

Winter season was long!

So Happy today is the first day of SpRiNg!

Our lovely Dog, Annabell wanting to come in to say "Hello"....

We had a beautiful Fall Season, Just wanted to share some photos with you of our beautiful Fall tree leaves.....

This last Fall , we had fun building "Fairy houses"!

My oldest granddaughter busy making "Spoon Dolls"

These two are four months apart....

The whole cousin gang!

Winter in the North land of Minnesota, there are days where you can't let the children go out to play in the snow because it's too cold.

To stay busy, I taught Maria how to sew by hand, and we made bean bags! This is her first time sewing. She loves to sew and will ask me to help her sew dolly clothes, more bean bags, and clothes for spoon dolls.

Here are a few photos of my living room. I have spring fever ,so I did some spring cleaning this weekend. Today is the first day of Spring! But it snowed all day today..Ugh!

Having a small living room 12W X 14L,I can't have much furniture. But I think this new set up is cozy!

Now that Spring is here, I can't wait for the snow to melt,so I can get out into my gardens and start planting! I've been pouring over seed catalogs all winter!
C'mon snow get melting!

Well I guess that all the photos for now. I am going to try and keep up my blogging. I do like to write about our life.....but my question is...

Is anyone out there reading my blog? I would love more folowers!


  1. Just wanted to say hello to you. I am one of your recent followers, and I live in South Australia.

    Good to see what you have been up to over in your part of the world. Spring there, Autumn here...

    I will add you to my blogroll and hopefully you may get more followers.

    Best wishes to you and your family,


  2. I'm a follower too Rhonda, but haven't been around in blogland too much this week. Visit blogs and say "hi" and you'll have lots more followers. Especially if you visit others that have mutual interests.
    You have a beautiful family.

    Thank you so much for your prayers for my nephew Jordan. He's improving and may be able to return to the states next week. Then his family will be able to join him.

  3. I'm a new follower!! I'm enjoying your pictures and your beautiful family!

  4. hi rhonda,
    i like your pictures and your blog is wonderful!!!!
    have a blessed eastern!!
    greetings from germany,

  5. I do nto follow many blogs but I ahve been reading yours. CFome and follow mine. Your dog looks like mine:0

  6. dear rhonda,
    happy mother's day to you!
    love regina


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