Cozy Cottage & Simple Living

Cozy Cottage & Simple Living
We live in a 900 Sq.Ft. Cottage. One must be creative with storage, children's toys, and homeschooling. We live in the "Arrowhead of Minnesota" Sit a spell, kick your shoes off, and peek into our simple lives.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Putting The Gardens "To Bed" The Ruth Stout Way

These past few weeks I have been cleaning out the gardens and putting them to bed the Ruth Stout way. I just know I am going to like this new (to me anyway) gardening method that Ruth Stout discovered so long ago. I bought her her book called, "How to Have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back" I read it in one night from cover to cover,I couldn't put it down! Oh and this little book wasn't cheap, but well worth it to me. As this little book is now my "Bible" to gardening.
Reading Ruth's book was like sitting in her kitchen, drinking tea, and having a conversation with her! Her book is just lovely with all her stories of her failures and successes of her gardening experiences.

I took some photos of the garden after I put the hay down.
I'm not going to compost in a compost bin anymore. I am just going to collect the food scraps in my compost pot I have in the kitchen, and then dump it out into the garden area in different places of the garden. Why not? Ruth says the garden is one big compost anyway!

I hope y'all have a great fall this season. The colors up here in the north land is just beautiful! I should blog about how beautiful the colors are here! Maybe That will be my next blog!
Many Blessing to you all!

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  1. I love Ruth Stout's writing, at least about gardening, I think she may have had some radical political views especially for her time. but I agree her books are like a visit from an adorable neighbor. I have 3 of her books, the first one a yardsale find, didn't realize what I had stumbled onto until I tried to buy some more, yes they are pricy, I'd like to order one of her videos made of her gardening. Nice Blog!


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