Cozy Cottage & Simple Living

Cozy Cottage & Simple Living
We live in a 900 Sq.Ft. Cottage. One must be creative with storage, children's toys, and homeschooling. We live in the "Arrowhead of Minnesota" Sit a spell, kick your shoes off, and peek into our simple lives.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wow! I know it's been a whole year since I last blogged, but Life just got so busy!
Now I am starting something new and I want to share it with you!
I am a "Hoader" ! I have piles of stuff all over my cottage! Every flat surface is covered!
I just joined a Boot Camp!

I am going to blog about this beginning on 1 Feb!
I am asking for support, encouragement. and for anyone out in Blog land to Cheer me on!
This is a one month commitment!
So I am now going to commit to blogging everyday in February!
Please leave me a comment, so I know you have my back in this difficult commitment!
I love my stuff! I have OCD about letting go of my beloved stuff! It's time to Let go and live my dream life.....Clutter free and Organized!


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  1. I'm so excited! Its really difficult for me to be okay with letting go of things. I would love some helpful ideas.


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