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Cozy Cottage & Simple Living
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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Annebell had her puppies on July 29, 2011. She had seven puppies! We were so surprised to discover she had them sometime in the early morning of July 29!
She seemed to be nervous, and would not nurse the puppies. That night, we checked on Annebell and the puppies, they all seemed to be doing great. Annnebell was laying with her puppies.
Then the next morning we went to check on Annebell and the puppies and we found Annebell dead. The puppies were under her legs and we had to pull them out and clean them up.

We had to bottle feed the puppies. We use reuglar baby bottles and nipples to feed the puppies. We bought puppy formula and it cost $20.00 a can! It was more than baby formula! Anyway, feeding seven puppies was very overwhelming for us! We had to feed these puppies every three hours! And then try to manage our two children and a household. I couldn't do it, so my daughter found a friend of hers that was willing to help us out. So she took four puppies into her home and bottle fed them. We kept three. That was all I could do with having children too. Unfortunately, the four other puppies caught a virus and all died. Our three puppies did very well and they are now healthy and happy pups!

When the puppies got older, we started feeding them "mush" which was puppy food mixed up with a hand mixer. They LOVED it! and the feedings got easier as the puppies got older, it went from every three hours to every six hours.

The puppies had many baths, and they didn't like it!

I think the puppies were about two weeks old, maybe older (I don't remember)they could eat, and do their business all on their own. Yay we didn't have to help them do their business anymore! (Not a job I liked!)

I love this photo!

Maria loves to play with the puppies and they love her!
I will post some new photos of the puppies, now that they are 3 months old.
We are keeping all three puppies. their names are:
Ladokta, he is my pup. He is the watcher of the group. He loves to please, and loves to cuddle! He's so sweet!
Cocoa, is Maria's pup. She is the trouble maker and loves to get into anything she can! But we love her!
Cheyenne, She is Ken's pup and looks like she could be Annebells twin! Cheyenne is the oldest of all the puppies. She loves to please and loves to play tug the toy with her brother and sister.

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  1. dear rhonda,
    how sweet!!!!!i love golden retriever.
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    love regina


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