Cozy Cottage & Simple Living

Cozy Cottage & Simple Living
We live in a 900 Sq.Ft. Cottage. One must be creative with storage, children's toys, and homeschooling. We live in the "Arrowhead of Minnesota" Sit a spell, kick your shoes off, and peek into our simple lives.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sharing a new recipe and doin' a little catchin' up....

Lemon Herb Chicken

1/3 C. oil
2T. Grilling seasoning
1T. Garlic
2T. Lemon Juice (Fresh is best!)
2T. Parsley, Chopped
2T. Rosemary,Chopped
2T. Basil, Chopped
Place all in a bowl except the chicken!
Stir to mix well.
Place chicken pieces into mixture.
Be sure to coat chicken pieces well.
Place in Refrigerator for at least 2 hours or over night.
I like to use Chicken legs with this recipe, but you can use what you like.
Next cook chicken pieces on grill or on cook top.

So where do I begin? So much has been going on with us! Maria went to "Farm School" for two weeks, she absolutely love it! They did chores on the farm, caught minnows and counted them. Collected eggs and graded them. Feed the goats and sheep baby goats and lambs. Held the baby bunnies to tame them. On the last day they did a program resiting little finger plays and poems. I thought this will be great to blog about! I was so excited to tell you all about "farm School"! Of course I forgot my camera! I was so angry at myself! Well Maria is going next summer in June, and you can bet I am going to remember my camera!

Eliza Jane has so many teeth I have lost count! She is crawling and pulling herself up on the furniture! She'll be walking very soon! I'm thinking before she turns one year in Sept.

On June 25th, 26th & 27th, we had our family reunion on my Mum's side. There was great food, great conversations, and my sister and I were clowns! We had some of the children and adults stand up in front of everyone, and do the "Tooie Ta" dance. It was great fun!

We are taking a summer break from home schooling until August 27th. Maria and I need a break for a while.

I am working on my "Family Closet". I want to blog about how I set the "Family Closet" up. The reason I am doing a "Family Closet" is because my little cottage does not have enough closet space. Plus with my laundry room, if you can call it a "laundry room", is in the basement, I am tired of hauling laundry baskets up the stairs and too tired to put the clothes away, so we live out of laundry baskets. our clothes are always so wrinkled then. So I am doing something about it! But that's another blog post in the near future!

We haven't gone on any camping trips, as money is tight right now. But we live in Northern Minnesota, so it's like we are camping all the time anyway. But yet, it would be nice to get away from here just for a bit!
I hope y'all are having a great summer so far!
Happy 4th of July!

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